Paul & Liz have been married for over 35 years and have children and grandchildren.

They have a wealth of life experience, living in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide at various times, raising a family, homeschooling kids and facing the challenges of parenting a child with autism and intellectual disability.

They've found that a sense of humour combined with life experiences and extensive education, has given them knowledge, insight and wisdom to share.

Paul is a Scientific Naturopath, he uses evidence based alternative health care solutions, using his research and chemistry background, to create individual plans for each person allowing for your own uniqueness.

Paul’s extensive clinical experience means he knows what works.  Generally people feel better within the first two weeks & don’t even need to come back, following  Paul’s recommends.

Keep in mind that if you have had your health problem for a long time, it may also take a little time for your body to begin healing itself again.  Once you start giving your body what it’s been missing, and following Paul’s expert advice, you will be well on the way to complete health and well being.

Liz is an experienced, well educated and trained counsellor. She helps individuals, couples and families.


Pain Relief

Fertility & Happy Hormones

Fatigue Busting

Mood Rebalancing

Weight Loss

Gut Health

Stress & Adrenal Support