Needling To Induce Labour

Needling is very successful for inducing labour. It is safe and it works. Treatments can begin around 38 weeks to prepare mothers for labour. At this time focus is directed towards ripening the cervix, increasing mother’s energy levels and relieving any muscular pain or discomfort. Needling works by stimulating the production of oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates contractions of the uterus and facilitates milk ejection from the breasts.

"Paul has a magic touch with labor induction."

“Definitely need to cancel my appointment for the morning! My baby girl arrived with great speed last night. Thank you so much. I had a very quick labour, 4 hours from start to finish. I really think the quick labour was because of the needling. :-)” — Rhianon

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Reduce Labour and Recovery Time

Needling for induction can reduce pain associated with contractions as are slowly increased, as opposed to drug induction, where contractions tend to start intensely and progress rapidly, which can be quite traumatic for mother and baby. Women have less time to prepare mentally and physically with drug induced labour and can require more pain relief. Research has shown needling can reduce the average length of labour and reduce recovery time. Success rates have been reported at between 68-83%.

Pathway: Initial Consultation

A visit every day until labour begins.

There is an optional herbal tonic which can be used to induce labour. Moxibustion is used sometimes when warming the needles.