Ready To Start A Family - Giving Your Baby The Best Start In Life

Preconception Care

Comprehensive preconception and pregnancy care involves both parents adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as appropriate supplementation, to lay a healthy foundation to grow a healthy baby.

Detoxification: This helps protect the developing baby from harmful toxins.

Healthy Diet: Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, while minimising your caffeine alcohol and sugar. Paul is well placed as a lecturer in nutrition, to help you work out a personalised eating guide that fits in with your likes and lifestyle.

Physical Activity: This helps manage stress,, control weight and recover faster after baby arrives.

Stress: This can be a major factor affecting fertility. Make time to relax, do activities you enjoy and rest.

For Mum To Be

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Mums to be require a few extra goodies such as folate, iodine, calcium, vitamin D, selenium and iron. The crucial nutrients have specific roles in supporting a healthy pregnancy, as well as brain development in your baby. Paul can help you find the nutrients that are best for you and your growing baby.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oils support a healthy pregnancy and is vital for baby's brain and nervous system development. Your fish oil needs to be free from heavy metals and pesticides which may affect the health and development of your baby. Practitioner only products are one of the best ways to ensure a high quality safe product.

Herbal Medicine

Be extremely careful self prescribing herbals of any kind during preconception and pregnancy. To use herbals requires expert advice, support and guidance to avoid any unwanted consequences. Fortunately Paul is fully qualified and experienced as a registered herbal medicine practitioner and would love to support and advise you on your journey in a safe and professional way.


Acupuncture can be helpful to re-balance your cycle and hormones to create an optimal environment and opportunity for conception to occur. It can also be useful during IVF treatments to support the process of conception. Find out more here.

Hormonal Re-balancing

Using saliva hormone testing, Paul can determine the best way to help you re-balance your hormones. Some challenges mums to be face can include infrequent ovulation, PCOS, no or infrequent periods, thyroid issues, to name just a few of the obstacles Paul can help re-balance using herbs, acupuncture and expert naturopathic supplementation. Find out more here.

Don't Forget About Dad

Healthy sperm is essential for fertilisation and optimal health outcomes for your baby.


Sperm are the smallest cell the human body makes and are highly susceptible to damage by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced naturally within the body which can result in cellular damage unless balanced by antioxidants including zinc, vitamin E, Vitamin C and selenium.

Co-enzyme Q-10

This is highly concentrated sperm cells where it functions to provide the energy these tiny cells to make the monumental journey to fertilise the egg.

Herbal Medicine

Certain herbs such as tribulus for example has more recently been found to support healthy testosterone levels, crucial for sperm production.

Give Your Baby the Best Start In Life

The benefits of comprehensive preconception and pregnancy care extend beyond the nine months - they last a lifetime. If you are planning to have a baby in the near future, make a conscious decision to do the best for your baby and start preconception and pregnancy care today.

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