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Your Bacteria are critical for human survival, living both within and on your body. Having the right types of bacteria in the right balance can help your body function optimally. For every one human cell in your body, there are ten bacterial cells; this means you are about 1% human and 99% bacteria! There are billions of different types of bacteria in your body, all playing different roles to keep your health in check. When these bacteria are out of balance, it can make you susceptible to digestive symptoms and conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); as well as having an impact on immunity, allergies, metabolism, and skin health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can have positive effects on health. The right probiotic can bring your body back into balance.

Benefits of a Good Probiotic

The average Western diet is not optimal to keep your bacteria in balance. You need a good balance of beneficial bacteria to keep your immune and digestive systems healthy, as well as playing a role in many other functions in your body. In order to achieve and maintain this healthy balance, use a good quality, high potency probiotic supplement. There are many different strains of probiotics that have different actions in the body, and it is crucial to use a strain that is specific for your individual needs. The right strain will help your body to replenish and grow your own unique strains of bacteria that only you have. Some strains of probiotics have the ability to influence your digestive flora for a more harmonious balance.

Probiotics for a Range of Health Conditions

Scientific studies support the therapeutic use of specific strains of probiotics for different conditions. For the best results, it is important to use the right strains to match your health concerns. Paul can help you choose the best ones to get maximum benefit and can give you expert help and guidance for your gut health. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your complete wellness, and find out how the right probiotic can help you!

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