The Heart Beats For Zinc

Free radicals (no, not the political party or rock band :-), have free reign in zinc deficiency, leaving the heart open to attack. In a recent study, animals who were administered a zinc deficient diet, showed a greater degree of cardiac oxidative stress, even in sub-clinical states. Results demonstrated that as the body's zinc declined, so did levels of the heart's primary antioxidants: Vitamin E and glutathione. Intriguingly, throughout the study period, the heart compensated for this by restoring local zinc levels, to the detriment of other organs zinc stores. While magnesium is typically thought of as the heart mineral, this shows the value in arming the heart's defences with zinc.

Special note:

1. Perth soil is notoriously low in zinc, so you may not get all the zinc you need through your healthy diet.

2. Zinc can make some people feel nauseous. Take it with food and maybe split the dose to half morning and half at night.

3. Ask Paul for a zinc taste test at your next visit to check your levels.

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