Another Great Reason To Love Your Dog!

As if you need more reasons to love your dog!! Having a furry friend with a waggily tail may be protective against allergy development in kids. Early exposure to furry pets, while in utero and up to 3 months after birth, increased counts of Ruminococcos and or Oscillospira bacteria within the intestinal microbiota of infants. These have been associated with decreased risk for childhood allergic disease and obesity respectively. This corroborates the theory that early exposure to to dirt and bacteria, like that found in dog fur and paws, can assist the healthy maturation of the baby's microbiome and immune system. While a dog may be man's best friend; when promoting a diverse microbiome and preventing allergies and obesity, they're baby's best friend too.

If you need help getting your allergies under control, give us a call. We'd love to help you.

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