Find A Fresh Apple.

If you have trouble finding a nice apple at the supermarket, here's the secret to find a fresh, yummy one. To have apples all year round, rather than only when they're in season, means our fruit can spend a long time in cool storage. I popped into our local supermarket last week and here's what I found. Seemingly nice looking apples, but in the crate was at least this one rotten apple. The top of the apple looks good, but when I turned it over, it was rotten underneath. Another had spider webs around the stalk. So how do you find a nice apple?

Does it tick or tock?

Compare these two apples. They both look similar. Look at the stalks. The stalk on the left is brown and shrivelled. Old apple! The stalk on the left, green and not shrivelled. Fresh, yummy apple. Another way to check crispiness, is to hold the apple close to your ear, and tap with your finger. Does it tick or tock? If your apple ticks, it's crispy, if it tocks, like a dull thud sound, it's spongy. Or you can give it a little toss in the air. When you catch it, listen if it ticks or tocks. Don't drop it and bruise it. ;-)

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