B Good To Your Heart

heart on string

Smog fighting B vitamins give the heart a new lease of life. Particle matter pollution (PMP) holds the power to trigger myocardial infarctions, with air pollution contributing to 3.7. million premature deaths world wide. The ability of B vitains to protect the heart from PMP was examined in this study. In healthy adults, 2 hours of PMP exposure substantially increased heart rate (HR), reduced HR variability and increased white blood cell count. Vitamins B6 (50 mg), B12 (1 mg) and folic acid (2.5 mg) were then administered daily for four weeks, before repeat exposure to PMP. B vitamin supplementation nearly abolished these negative effects, significantly attenuating the impact of pollution on biomarkers of cardiac and immune function. For those exposed to air pollution, let their hearts beat better with B vitamins.

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